What are Jazz Choir Auditions Like?

In the early spring of each year, auditions for the next year’s Jazz Choir are held in combination with the Madrigals and the Advanced Treble Choir.  An Audition Form will be due (typically in Feb); then a Pre-Audition Meeting will be held for learning about the Choir and Audition process; and finally you’ll audition during assigned times (typically in early March).

Jazz Choir auditions involve both a Vocal and a Dance Audition.

Vocal Audition  — comprised of pitch matching, range test, sight singing, and solo performance. The student may select any song that best demonstrates his/her singing ability. The solo must be sung unaccompanied. Up to 100 points will be assigned based upon demonstration of singing skill (tone/intonation/musicality), musicianship, and stage presence.

Dance Audition — done en masse with all other candidates for Jazz Choir. All are taught a dance by our choreographer and given time, with the help of senior members of the current Jazz Choir, to practice their steps in smaller groups. All are reconvened and audition in groups of 4 students for our panel of judges. Each group gets 2 opportunities to perform their dance audition. Points are assigned on a 5 point scale (5 being best) according to each candidates demonstrated ability to learn quickly and move with coordination.

Vocal and Dance scores are multiplied to reach a final score. Membership in Jazz Choir is determined by each student’s choice of choir and rank in scores.